About Us

Why did we develop the "Sen de Yaz" application?
In order for our children to be ready for the future, it is essential that they have language skills, communication, collaboration, productivity, creativity and digital literacy skills. In order to contribute to the development of these skills, we have implemented the "Sen de Yaz" application.

What is the benefit of the “Sen de Yaz” application for children other than the aforementioned skills?
It supports the self-confidence development of children. It encourages them to come up with a story they write. It also enables children to reposition themselves in technological environments as individuals that "produce" rather than "consume".

What are our goals?
Your feedback and support is very valuable to us. We aim to implement mobile application versions of our web page, to include gamification elements in our content, to develop a privileged version for education and to reach more children and educational environment by producing new educational technologies.